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Moving to http://agux.co

To preserve URLs, previous content will remain archived here, and I have already begun posting new thinkings and makings at http://agux.co.

Nine years ago, I wanted to be an IA

Information architecture believes in people

Information architecture believes in creating places for experiences to happen. It doesn’t believe in telling you what those experiences should be or what you should think about them. It believes in architecture. It believes in cathedrals and bazaars. Information architecture believes in people.

Your brand architecture is your information architecture.
Oliver Reichenstein in "Logo, Bullshit & Co., Inc."

Women, fire, and dangerous things

You need a code of conduct if women are dangerous things. If you never know how they’ll react, if you must temper your future behavior to avoid their danger. You need a statement of values if you believe women are like fire, able to warm you or burn you, and that they require a cosmology to understand the difference. We need neither. Our women are neither fire, nor dangerous things. Our women are just a part of us. We only need our history.

A polite—and timid—call to arms

Your manifesto is due Monday morning. There are no wrong answers.

Design is your strategy

Great presentation about how strategy is about convincing yourself you know enough to to act and test your strategy. That's what design is.

Concept is to baby as execution is to bathwater

Li Ming Hsing's design for a crosswalk sign illustrates the gulf between design concept and design execution.

Automated community moderation for reducing spam

(More) tips for writing well

Sixteen tips for writing well when writing about design learned from the trenchant trenches at Boxes and Arrows.

Frank Gehry interview from TED

Nice interview from RSW from a TED conference a few years ago where Frank Gehry talks a little about why he does the work he does.

Things you need to do to write a book

Six lessons-learned while working on the second edition of Blueprints. Write your first book like it’s your second.

Target's ClearRX prescription bottle redesign wasn't all that

Revisiting Target’s CleaRX and the tried and true prescription pill bottle: The design that gets built is the only design that matters.

The 'Only' statement: focus on your project's key goals

An Only statement keeps your team focused on a project’s main goal and audience as well as what makes your project special.