Site Architecture Stencil for OmniGraffle

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I’ve used EightShapes’s brilliant Unify deliverable system for about four years. It’s excellent.

Out of the box, Unify is designed for use with Adobe InDesign. Lately, however, I’ve been site mapping in sweet, luscious OmniGraffle, and I created a Unify-inspired OmniGraffle stencil for making site maps.

But, there’s one problem with lots of site maps.

In your typical site map, you show the page’s title adjacent to the little box for that page. Unfortunately, clients and developers and designers don’t always what kind of page the page will be. In other words, if you have a page titled, “Orders”, it’s not clear if that’s a dashboard, a list of orders, or even a form form for adding an order.

Site map example

So I added a line for every page on the site map where you can offer a very brief description of the page.

If you’d like, feel free to download and use the site map stencil.

File NameVersionPlatformSizeDownload
Site Architecture.gstencil0.6OmniGraffle138kbDownload

And if you have any ideas for making it better, please comment below, or —better yet—email me:



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