Document icons for web applications

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Going through my files, I came across some icons I made for common document formats like Word, Excel, PDF, text, RTF, and html.

They look just like normal Microsoft OS icons, except in a fit of perfectionist gluttony, I optimized them. The idea is that if you get rid of every extra byte that you can, then your pages will zip right across. The small weight savings might be inconsequential for small sites, but for larger sites, it adds up.

I’ve included a typical Word icon as an example: the optimized version saves about 500 bytes.

(Though I still think it adds up for small sites.)

File type Size in bytes
Microsoft Word doc icon Microsoft Word (optimized) 130
Default Microsoft Word icon Microsoft Word (not optimized) 619
Web (html) icon HTML 599
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) icon Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 336
Text file (txt) icon Text (or generic document) 90
Microsoft Excel (xls) icon Microsoft Excel 128

You can also download all of the icons (along with alternate, labelled versions) in one zip file (18kb). Feel free to use them if you find them useful.



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